Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekend Blue

(off-the-shoulder top from causeway place, flare jeans from abercrombie & fitch,  platform shoes from madrid, spain,  earrings from allied plaza, bag from jill scott, rings from fby, hair clip from seoul, south korean, bracelet from sawafrica)

Weekend blue is not so blue. 
(I might be more blue that weekend is almost over now... jkjk)

Even though I have been staying in Hong Kong, my last blogpost was two months ago... My hair was medium length in those photos and now I can pull up a long pony tail. Wow. I guess my hair did grow quite a lot. No wonder my hair stylist asked me what I had been eating when she saw my photos on Facebook. :P

It has been difficult to coordinate a time with my mom to do any photoshoot. This weekend, I was determined to replace my Facebook profile picture. I felt slightly odd that my photo was me wearing a graduation gown when I am currently actively pursing another degree. 

Do you still own a pair of flare jeans? I remember I used to have several pairs when I was a kid. I then got rid of them, mostly because I grew taller, but also because I thought cool teenagers should wear skinny jeans. I bet all of you were the same! hahaha! Don't lie!

This summer, I decided to get a pair of flare jeans again. (That's what fashion is about, right? Styles just come and go in cycles). I guess flare jeans nowadays are designed to match with high platform corks or boots, so they are all super long... After a debate between practicality and style, I brought the jeans to a dressmaker to trim it by 3 inches. Yes, 3 inches! It's a pity that the jeans is not as flared now, because I trimmed the widest ends. Yet, practicality wins in this age.