Thursday, August 11, 2016

Poke Balls

(white shirt dress from cheung sha wan wholesale market, flat-top hat from granville circuit, Tsim Sha Tsui, necklace from mimosa, bag from jill scott, rosary bracelet from Myeong-dong Cathedral, watch from vivienne westwood, earrings from ball of blossom @ D2 market)

Poke balls? Have you been playing Pokemon Go? It went viral in Hong Kong. The other day, my way was blocked multiple times by strangers who stopped right in my face to catch pokemon. I was a very cooperative stranger too... I didn't want to block their way, so I walked behind their back. I honestly also tried playing the game and gave up. I concluded that I spare no love for computer games.

Nonetheless, I was inspired by Pokemon Go to have a ball-loaded outfit (see my earrings and my hat). Well, you need to bring enough poke balls with you to catch pokemon, right?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

At Your Back

(top from moussy, bralette from kwai chung plaza, midi-skirt from cheung sha wan wholesale market, loafers from rockport, tote bag from Wisconsin Madison Dane County farmers' market, earrings from Taipei)

What to you think about a skyline like this? I thought it looked so familiar yet odd. This is not in any districts where people usually go for a rooftop restaurant. Here, we get to see how densely populated Hong Kong is, how little green space we have, how narrow our blue sky is. Enough said, chilling with friends at this place was still a nice breeze in the hot air.

Yesterday, I celebrated my friends birthday, and commemorated our 14th years of friendship. How great is the feeling of knowing there are always some friends at your back? ;)

Back details is one of the fashion highlights of this summer. Yesterday, I matched my wide back top with a lace bralette. Originally, I was hoping to contrast my white top with a bright bralette, but this particular bralette which I had my eye on only had black and white two colors. Style matters more than the color, so I ended up getting this lace bralette in white. I am kind of glad that I picked this white-on-white match. What do you think?