Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pseudo Getaway

(maxi dress from sheinside, sandals from franco sarto, necklace from francesca's, bracelet from the limited, earrings from kate spade, super cheesy tote from Wisconsin Madison Farmer's market, hat from tsim sha tsui, ring from mimosa)

My summer break is ending soon. WHAT? 

Time to put myself together...

I don't recall the sun in Hong Kong being so bright. Because I found the bright sun unbearable, especially during the time I get out to meet with friends for lunch, I decided to get a sun hat. Isn't this fun and cute? I have decided to get one with flat top with a moderate brim. A hat with wide and floppy brim s probably too pretentious for day-to-day outfits navigating in the city center. Colorful woolen balls enable me to match the hat with outfits of any color. 

I first found a similar hat which has the classic black ribbon in a shopping mall. It was pretty nice but seriously overpriced. I then ventured into small shops at the back street and found this lovely hat, imported from Korea according to the saleswoman, with half the price! I am quite proud. haha

I love to study to marketing strategies and deals of different brands. Such strategic movements reflect so much about people and their brands' thought-process. I have definitely noticed differences between discount and marketing strategies in Hong Kong and in the States. I am currently in the process of reattuning to everything about Hong Kong, or in fact, updating myself about the Hong Kong today. You may think four years isn't that long, or I have been visiting Hong Kong regularly. Yet, it is a different story to settle down in Hong Kong again. So much has evolved since I left, including marketing strategies. I began to detect some pattern in Hong Kong. I am quite excited to one day get a hang of it.

Looking at some of the pop culture prevalent in Hong Kong, I often think "Hong Kongers are actually quite weird."

Of course, at other times, I also think, "There is no place like home."

**typed with my barbecue pork (叉燒)smelling hand. just marinated (massage) some barbecue pork for tomorrow :P

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Local

(top from tout a coup, pants from jeanasis, platform shoes from Cordeleria, in Madrid, Spain, earrings from Camden Market in London, bag from Jill Scott, necklace from mimosa)

Obviously, I am back in Hong Kong! Many friends have been asking me what I have been up to in Hong Kong. "How's life in Hong Kong?" Honestly, nothing much. Usually, a day passes without knowing how. I spend most of the day in front of my computer, educating myself about the Hong Kong music industry, jazz scenes in Hong Kong, fashion trends, beauty techniques... Haha! This is a very nice way to package what I have doing every day. Basically, I have been surfing the web... 

This sounds like the very familiar good-old-days of Agnes. (Friends in the States might be surprised...)Yeah, Agnes would surf on the web too...Indeed, this is drastically different from my life in the States. My life has reached to the maximum capacity in my senior year; I barely had time to sit down and take a break within the day. Sometimes I don't understand how I can sleep so much now. Sometimes I wonder if I am not being productive this summer. Sometimes I tell myself-- I deserve a break.

Chilling at home is the most comfortable thing. My outfit at home has been limited to all kinds of Carleton swags. I have not noticed how much school pride I have.

Other news, I did a youtube cover earlier. I would describe covering such song as a "guilty pleasure". It admittedly isn't the most challenging song, hence probably wouldn't be a song people usually cover. Yet, it has a groove that stuck in my head. I also enjoyed looking into the camera pretending to be innocent... hahaha

enjoy the cover at:

Next, I have started a Facebook fan page sharing my culinary adventure. As you may know (or not know), I have a strong passion for cooking. Especially during this last year, when I lived in a college townhouse with its own kitchen, I have experimented with many exciting dishes. In response to my mom's feedback, I started the fan page to share my culinary experience in a more organized fashion.

check this out:

Finally- speaking of fashion/ fashion blogging

It has been considerably harder to take pictures for blogging now. My mom's and my availability simply don't match. Hence, many of my back-in-hong kong outfits which I would love to share were not photographed. 

As always, I recognize that I dress in different styles depending on the environment. The hottest items in Hong Kong right now are definitely off-the-shoulder tops and loose pants. I got my top in spring.  I have been matching the top with skinny jeans in the States, but yesterday, I got a sudden inspiration to match it up with my newly purchased loose pants. Guess it worked out well? :P