Sunday, March 20, 2016

Floral in the Mist

(floral jacket from bershka, patterned shirt from kookai, jeans from jeanasis, clogs from boc, leather tote from fat face) PC: Natalie Lau

 Hello world! I am still here and I haven't forgotten my fashion blog. I chose to return to Hong Kong for my senior Spring break. When I see on the social media all the amazing photos of my friends traveling around the world (well, predominantly the States),  I feel slightly conflicted. Did I make the right choice to come home? Would I rather use my last Spring break to travel a little more? 

I am still glad to be home, and to be reminded how Spring in Hong Kong is like. It surprises me how foreign the experience of living in a humid place is. I stared with confusion at the water vapors on the windows of my room. Wait a second, I have lived in Hong Kong my whole life... This really shouldn't be new to me. I still remember I felt like a deeply soaked towel the night I stepped on the Hong Kong soil again. 

This Spring break return is missionary, meaningful, and productive.  I moved about 100lbs of winter stuff home. I am reconfiguring my room for my return after graduation. I also proceeded with the preparation of many post-graduation plans. I baked some New York-style bagels. I cooked for my family and relatives. I explored many Hong Kong traditional streets. I ate a lot of delicious food, like the egg puff with purple yam and sweet potato fillings in the photos. 

Classic egg puff is usually plain. This shop gives a modern twist and offers a variety of fillings/ flavors including Belgium chocolate, green tea, sesame, and the purple yam and sweet potato that I tried today. I liked that the purple yam offered natural sweetness to the egg puff. I definitely recommend you trying it!

Okay, finally sharing with you my thoughts on my outfit today... I think it is challenging to find something to wear that suits this weather, especially when I have left most of my spring clothes in the States. Hong Kong is humid, mildly cool, and windy right now. I decided to go for pattern on pattern today. Put on your floral shirt; spring is a season to blossom!

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