Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Your Christmas Gift Ideas

I am inspired by the radio program I overheard from my grandma's radio this morning to write this post. Are you panicking what to get for your friends and parents as Christmas gifts? I have some recommendations for you. These are my recent favorites. I have wanted to share them on this blog. Some are already my repurchases. My friends know that I have very standard for things I use. I am pretty good at judging whether a product is good, and I am also very willing to chat with sales really long to learn everything I need to know in order to get the best product.  Today, I have learnt a lot about bras. Haha. It is a sophisticated product with a lot of functionality. I was intrigued when the sales taught me all the details. Everywhere can be your classroom!

Okay so here are some products I would like to recommend to you:

1) Sugar Lip - 2-in-1 lipstick from Mentholatum

You may call this a tinted lip balm, or a very nourishing lipstick. I bought one a few weeks ago after seeing the widespread commercial. Just like what the advertisement says, it is very moisturizing. You don't need to wear some lip balm before putting this one. It has color, but you won't be consciously aware of wearing a lip stick. Very natural. I love all the colors. It was a very hard decision to pick one. 

I started wearing more lipsticks this year, and I have gradually learnt how a good one is like. This is indeed a very nice one. Moreover, the price is super affordable too. Only around HKD 30.

2) Paper Mask from Atorrege AD+

The next one is a paper mask from a Japanese brand specialized in products for sensitive skins. Their products are available in selected Watson's stores. You may find information on their website. I used to put on a wide range of paper masks. The effect of some are questionable, and others my skins burnt after putting them on. I later found out those contained alcohol.

I use this for urgent acne care. It is moisturizing and reduces inflammation. I have used many acne care paper masks, and I think the effect of this has been the most satisfying. A few weeks ago, I had a huge acne on my forehead and my acne cream didn't seem to help. I quickly restocked this mask. After putting on the mask for 3 consecutive days (it was a very bad acne), my acne finally started to dry.

This mask comes in a pack of six, at around HKD 350. I would say this mask is not cheap, but you are not supposed to use it very frequently. I have a couple pieces available for urgent care only. 

This brand first recommended by my doctor. Their products are suitable for babies and pregnant women too.


3) Vinoperfect Serum from Caudalie

This is a brightening serum. I discovered this brand at Sephora in the Fall. This brand has received a few patents for their skin care product techniques. I finished using one bottle during Fall term. When I got home, I realized my skin was noticeably brighter. I bought a bottle for my mom. She has been using it for weeks, and I noticed her skin is brighter now too!

I have invested my whole life brightening my skin. My skin tone is relatively dark, and I had very intensive swimming classes throughout my childhood. I am most pleased with this serum among many other that I have used. 

I am currently finishing my old serum from another brand that I have left in Hong Kong. My skin is definitely not as radiating as it was in the fall. 

This is slightly more pricey, about HKD520. You just need a very small drop each time. I overused it when I first got it. One bottle could last over 3 months. 


4) Moringa Body Butter from Body Shop 

I could not even count how many cans of body butter I have used. In severely dry places like Northfield, I had to use the more nourishing ones like shea butter, and coconut butter. When it is less dry, I like to use Moringa, Olive, and Fuji Green Tea. Among them, I love Moringa the most. I have also purchased other products with this flavor. Moringa is good enough for winter in Hong Kong!


5) Retexturing mask with Rose clay from Origins

The rose clay mask was my fall term buddy. Every time I felt a little fatigue, I put on this mask for 10 minutes. It is not an exfoliator, a deep cleansing or an acne care mask, so you can use it as frequently as you want. Sometimes you just want to wear a mask, without a specific need. This is just perfect for you. I feel energized and refreshed every time after wearing this mask. 

Hope these recommendations are useful to you. Merry Christmas!

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