Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Short Hair 4.0

(military jacket from izzue, grey top from monki, high-rise pants from bdg, clogs from boc, oxford bag from staccato, necklace from the limited, nail polish from innisfree)

I am back! I haven't forgotten my fashion blog. As you can see, I cut my hair short again! I have been doing this every winter break so that I don't have to get a haircut while I am in the States. This is now my fourth time cutting my hair short in the winter. Because of this, I haven't had a real long hair for a couple years. I think I sort of miss my long hair, so I plan to let my hair grow after graduation. Nonetheless, I was very excited to get this haircut! I love this wavy short hair! What do you think?

It is always good to be back home-  long chats with besties, good laughs at relatives gathering, and the warmth. I am less excited about the food this time. I guess that's because I have been feeding myself well. I am living in a house with my own kitchen this year, so I get to make hot rice that sticks together, and vegetables that are properly cooked. My utility level is much higher when I feed myself with good food. Suddenly I could see the meaning in life. haha. just kidding. Life is always meaningful.

Believe it or not, you can also lose weight while eating good (and healthy food). I got rid of my freshmen fifteen this term as a senior. I have gained nearly twelve pounds in my last three years of college life with unknown reasons. Possibly the food? Yeah, definitely the food. You know the feeling of walking out of the dining hall not sure of what you have eaten, but at same time feeling your body was fed up with cheese and oil? I now only go to the dining hall for social reasons, friends that I do care about. Assuming my utility of consuming dining hall food is negative, only significantly high utility of social interactions can give a positive net utility to my decision eating in the dining hall. 

This seems to be a long post. I deeply felt the need to blog today. Allow me to share my thoughts here...I might be living in denial, or too busy to realize, but today, I finally began to realize I am having a stressful time. One task coming after another. There are thousands things I would like to do. There are plans that I have to defer to the next year. I was fine during the school term. However, after being back to Hong Kong for less than a week, I notice I will not ever have a real break this time. I have to keep everything going, and I feel breathless...

Back to my outfit of the day. I think I dress differently in different places. I am back to my city girl mode, with a hint of American and British styles. I sometimes think girls in the street all look the same nowadays. The same Korean style makeup and outfit. People are losing their identities.  I specially packed my pair of clogs home this time. It is also the one and only pair of shoes I packed home. I thought it would be quite cool to wear clogs in Hong Kong. Clogs are quite popular in the States, but I haven't seen anyone else wearing it here. I feel special. haha Knowing that my hair would be cut short, I intentionally picked a cool outfit. The moment I walked out of the salon, I definitely felt I was a cool rock star.  :P As I looked at my reflection on the platform doors in the subway station, I asked myself "What are you doing, Agnes?" 

Searching for a stage in life for me to shine. I think. 

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