Friday, December 11, 2015


(blazer from zara, top from monki, dress from abercrombie & fitch, necklace from accessorize, shoes from cheung sha wan)

We had a photoshoot for my dad's graduation in a park yesterday. I had a very hard time picking my outfit in the morning. I wasn't prepared... I would have packed an outfit from the States if I had known my parents would like to have another photoshoot. It is tricky to pick an outfit for this kind of occasion. I don't want to look too dark, especially because my dad would already be wearing a graduation gown that is all black. I also intentionally avoided any materials that look sloppy and crumble on camera. I was down to very limited choices... My mom made a smart choice in wearing a dark pink sweater which formed a stark contrast to my dad. I borrowed the blazer from my mom. She bought it from Zara in Spain. People cautiously dress to look slimmer when they are a little chubby. Perhaps surprising, we have to make cautious matching decisions when we are slim too. I realized my dress was too loose for me now, so I put on a top over my dress. That moment I deeply felt - well, you can't have everything. 

I borrowed my dad's graduation hat to take a couple pictures. Soon I will be wearing my graduation gown and hat. I still find it hard to believe. 

My feelings can be summarized by the caption I created the pictures above...
1) Raise my head and look ahead. With a great dream in front of me, I am aspired to be someone successful.

2) Feel the hat. This is real. Take a deep breathe. Here I am to step into the real world.

3) But what is really in front of me?

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