Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Moving On

(blazer from Biem, dress pants from enigma, top from A Land, bag from staccato)

This was my outfit a few days ago. I thought I was over with this kind of suit-and-tie style, but no. I still love it. I just never wear like this in college, because it seems out of place in the rural little town. Once I am back in the big city, I love wearing blazers and dress pants. 

I bought this blazer for my senior uniform in the secondary school. We had to wear blazers and shirts to school. I appreciate that I was forced have a small office outfits collection. They come in handy in some more formal occasions. When I don't actually need to dress in formal, I like to mix and match them with more casual items like my red top and clogs here.

I am clearing my old photos in the disk station because it is completely full. Revisiting old photos really gives me a heart attack. As you can tell, I love taking pictures. I also love posing for pictures. That doesn't mean that every one is a good shot. There is saying- you become an expert of something, if you put a lot of time into it. My friends know I am very good at taking selfies. I think all my old snapshots can prove that I have spent a lot time developing this lifetime skill. Sigh. There are seriously some very bad angles and terrible facial expressions. I guess this shows that a lot of skills are developed overtime. You don't born to know everything.

This is a time to review my teenager-hood, and say "okay, that's cool." Then, scrap them all, and move on. We just have to keep the quintessence. Just like I have to empty my disk station to document new events,  I also have to empty my hearts and minds to face new challenges. 

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