Friday, December 11, 2015

How can you weather tomorrow?

(sweater and hat from mongkok/ south korea, flutter skirt from banana republic, sneakers from nike, purse from minisolife, lipstick from nars)

 I love wearing a hat with my short hair. Well, especially after wearing a hat yesterday, I sort of have to wear a hat to cover up my messy hair. I also suspect my hair has grown at least half inch longer. My hair is growing speedily. I am not sure if I am happy or excited about that. I am not supposed to have another haircut in the coming six

I am clearing my wardrobe again. It seems like I come home every time  to throw things away. This massive cleaning is never ending. At the same time, every time I look at my well-organized shelves and drawers, I am so surprised. My reaction is often "Wow, I cleaned this last time? That's very nice." I seem to have forgotten all the massive cleaning I had previously done. Memory is short. 

It is very hard for me to get rid of clothes. I don't often shop in the past, and if so, I always shopped with my mom after finals as a celebration and liberation. My mom and I set a budget, and I planned out what to buy. I have emotions with each piece I own in the closet. Clothes that I buy nowadays don't share those kind of stories. I guess it is easier for me to trash clothes that I bought in the last three years. Moreover, clothes that I bought more recently do wear off, because I am wearing them so frequently. 

How can you weather tomorrow? I find it difficult to deliberately trash a piece. I often put them on and confirmed they still fit. Then, I will put them back into my closet. There might still be a chance, I thought. Perhaps I will need a yellow shirt for certain gathering. Yeah? That still hasn't happened. I still keep at least a red, a green, a yellow, and basically one shirt per color in my collection. Perhaps someday I will wear them as a vintage piece. Sometimes, I am right. This winter, I am suddenly wearing my five-year-old black sneakers again. I also have been wearing my denim skirt which I bought when I was 14?! One out of ten pieces that I kept I match them frequently again after five years (an estimation). The remaining nine pieces sit in my closet for another five years. Someday, somehow, I would be glad I have kept them. I have hope.

That's why I can't take them out from my closet. I am not sure if this is a good mindset. My closet is jam-packed because I couldn't get rid of clothes. A lot of people would rather trash them and buy a new one if certain thing is on trend again. I guess we really can't weather tomorrow. 

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