Saturday, December 5, 2015

Global Warming

(knitted vest, check skirt, hat from A Land, shirt from Stage of Playlord, tights from hue, lipstick from bitebeauty, clogs from boc, ring from mimosa, nail polish from innisfree, earrings from Prague)

I think I become a little more playful after getting this haircut. I am loving it! This hairstyle also goes well with hat. On one hand this short hair requires more work when blowing with a dryer. On the the other hand, I can just wear a hat and save all the work. :D

I love to catch up with fashion news every time I return to Hong Kong. I like to return to my old habit to read some monthly fashion magazines. I also love checking on stores, observing fashion trends, and production presentation trends. I always feel like I am checking my business... touring stores and observing sales performance. Well, the one big difference is they are not my own brand.

I have so much feelings while reading the magazines this time. Two biggest hits this winter - knitted vest, and big cardigan. What? You don't even need to bundle up your arms? You don't need a woolen winter jacket? Yes. That's probably right, unless you live in Minnesota. It is likely that we don't need a winter jack to survive this year's winter in Hong Kong. You see models wearing short sleeves top in the magzine. There are so many fashion pieces that mimic intense winter items with much lighter materials. I am stunned. I think global warming is very alarming. There are practical reasons that we wear long sleeves sweaters and woolen big jackets in winter. That's why they became fashion pieces. Styles evolved around them because they are essential items to keep us warm. Now we keep the style - only. 

I understand the need to at least keep the style. I had so much fun wearing winter jackets in Minnesota. When I walked in shops in Hong Kong, I didn't even bother to look at the jacket section. Layering is the most exciting part about winter matching. I guess it can be a bummer not being able to put on layers. That's why you see big coats made by cotton now. 

Global warming is affecting our lives, and our lifestyles. You may think it is not impacting us yet, but I am telling you this is seriously not true. We should all rethink how to care for our environment. Do you still want to have a choice to wear in layers in 20 years? I do. 

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