Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Casa Mila


(borrowed my mom's hat. Hey there, I am the fifth chimney top of Casa Mila)

(checked top from KBF, skirt from urban outfitters, sunglasses from Ray Ban, t-shirt bag from grion, converse)

I finally have time to take a seat in front of my computer to go through my photos taken in Spain during my family vacation this June. I have been having fun matching outfits to work and friend dates this summer. Picking a denim skirt for a Friday office casual look; and picking a cute dress for a Monday cocktail night with friends. I noticed I enjoy matching an outfits that serves an occasion. Moreover, I enjoy reading street fashion magazines than watching runway shows. Outfits are part of my day. It is the visual representation of my day. Ah ha! That's why I named my series "match my day" in this blog.

I posted a similar outfit last August. (Check "Checked Town" from the menu on the right) I love matching this checked top with this navy blue skirt because their blues are in the same shade! It is interesting to look at my past outfit photos. One example is I noticed some periodic subtle changes in my preference for accessories. I rediscovered something about myself every time revisiting my old outfits. Sometimes I have also forgotten I had owned those items before. Like in "Checked Town", I forgot that I got a pair of red flats. I of course recalled when I saw the photos. 

I had to throw away my red flats last summer because the sole was broken. It had accompanied me many long walks around Madison, especially walking to my office. Memories stay in the photos. 

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