Wednesday, August 12, 2015

forever 21?


(dress from Zara in Spain, heels from BCBG, earrings and hair clip from iroiro, bracelet from mongkok, watch from Andre Mouche)

Judging from this blogpost title, and my rather formal outfit, you probably know this is a blogpost about my 21st birthday and my birthday outfit. It has been my tradition to kind of dress up on my birthday. Well... you have to give yourself occasions to dress up, right? I sort of cheated this year, and had my birthday dinner a few days early over the weekend. 

This birthday is quite special to me because I have to work on my birthday. hahaa. First time ever, and I am sure there will be many more working-birthdays.  For the past years, I purposely ended my internship before my birthday, so that I could fly back to Hong Kong to celebrate my birthday with my parents. Since I am working in Hong Kong this year, I would rather work a couple more days to gain more working experiences. 

After work, I am going to have my last dress rehearsal before the concert on Saturday. I am more than excited about it. This is the perfect way to spend my birthday evening. :)

I plan to write a much deeper reflection on other social media, so I guess I will keep this one short.

Do I want to stay 21 forever? I don't think so. Girl in her 21st is still a little foolish. I am excited to see myself mature.

(Hope you enjoy my lively poses in this blogpost. I posed to actions like "sucking juices from the straw", "pouring teapot"...) 21st is an interesting age. I still feel the young and fresh blood in me, but I have also gained some life experiences and matured a little. Sometimes I can sound very philosophical, and sometimes a little crazy.