Sunday, June 14, 2015

Midi Burgundy

(burgundy top from Krochet Kids, midi skirt and white loafers from cheung sha wan wholesale market, super cheesy tote bag from Madison, WI farmers' market, floppy hat from forever 21, earrings from the limited, necklace from Z collection in accessorize, rings from Mimosa, watch from Andre Mouche)

Wohoo! All packed for my trip to Spain! It was quick. After countless massive marathon-style packing experiences, packing for a two-week vacation is an easy task. Today blogpost features two items from my latest haul in a wholesale market. Sometimes you can have really good catch there. So what's the game? When you shop in a wholesale market, you can't try on the clothes. Some nicer salesmen will let you exchange for sizes if it doesn't fit. Everything is quite expensive in Hong Kong now, including a basic set lunch in a fast food chain. More sadly, the quality under this new high price isn't even as good as before . :(  What I am trying to say is buying clothes in the wholesale market isn't really very cheap, but they are definitely more affordable. If you patiently search, you can find pieces with really good quality. This is a treasure hunt!

I am very happy with my midi dress. I have been looking for one for awhile. This garment is just the right texture - not too thick, but also not too soft. I also love my super cheesy tote bag from Wisconsin Madison. I got it last summer in the Farmers' market when I was working in Madison. Wisconsin is all about cheese as you probably know. Speaking of working, I am working in Hong Kong this summer. This midi dress will definitely be frequently featured in my work outfits.

I can go on forever explaining every single item in this outfit... I think that's how it has gradually turned out - most items in my closet have stories. There are too many nice clothes out there in the market. You can't buy every single one, because one, your closet can't fit, and two, your financial constraint. In the end, you, (or at least I), only buy items that share a story with me.

I got the watch from a store in Hohenschwangau, Germany, when I visited the Neuschwanstein Castle last fall. We missed the late afternoon train heading back to Munich, so we decided to explore the town nearby and catch the next train. Andre Mouche is a Swiss brand, and all their watches are hand painted. So delicate.

Finally, my burgundy top. I will stop after introducing you this piece. Krochet Kids is a social enterprise. They spoke at my college last year. I went online afterwards, and bought this piece in support of their business model. They teach women in Uganda how to crochet. These women crochet hats and other apparel like the top that I am wearing. Each piece has a tag with the signature of the woman who crocheted/ sewed your piece. Every piece is personal.   

Enough said about my outfit of the day. Time to do some research for my vacation. I appreciate any recommendations! Please let me know.

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