Thursday, September 11, 2014

Refreshing Floral

(dress from melani, earrings from Croatia, bracelet from Shanghai, bag from Hong Kong, blue leather converse)

Anyone recognizes my dress? I blogged this dress two years ago! I still love this dress very much. In general, I tend to keep my clothes for quite long. I love reinterpreting my old clothes and accessories. A month ago, I finally donated some of my clothes I had had since I was in middle school... yes, middle school. 

Today, I used the lovely tote bag given from my mom's friend. Chinese floral print! Catchy and elegant - perfect for me, a pretty traditional Chinese woman in this modern age.

I also bought a new pair of converse! This is my....6th pair of converse. I had my first pair of converse when I was 12...I think. I have worn my black leather converse for two years. The rubber spilt, and was detached from my shoes, so I know I have to get a new pair. I really love my black leather converse. Before getting this, I even considered buying another pair of black leather converse. I thought that might be boring. I might feel good at first, but in two more weeks wearing my new black leather converse, I would get bored, and wished I had bought a new color- add some new vibrance to my wardrobe. Then, I saw this blue leather converse in the store!! I knew it! This is for me!

In this season's collection, they also have a very nice pair of purple leather converse. Purple used to be my favorite color. 5 years ago? I used to have a lot of purple products. However, I have not been feeling "purple" lately... :/ Purple products look very nice, but I don't see myself wearing them. They don't look like the right fit for me now. I usually ended up with blue, or red. My color perception now: Blue is cool but warm; red is warm but cool; purple is a mix of blue and red, yet too complex, too complicated, somewhat muddy, somewhat contradicting... Color preferences change as we age ...ah ha~ interesting

Surprised by my frequent blog updates lately? I cancelled some of my activities in these two days, so that I can stay at home, and ... take a break. I really enjoy that. I treasure my personal quiet moment. I was feeling very tired and somewhat stressed a few days ago, so I knew it was time to take a break. 

Keep breathing - :)

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