Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Red Bite

(lace top from mango, pants from BDG/ Urban Outfitters, booties from millies, bag from grion, denim jacket from kookai, hat from forever 21, earrings from the limited, bracelets from the limited, pandora, and Milwaukee, WI, red lipstick from bite)

I just got back from my family vacation to Hualien, Taiwan! Amazing trip! Beautiful scenery! I have also learned a lot about the culture, and history of the native Taiwanese. It was a very fun trip! As you could probably tell, I got tan, even more tanned than from Madison ... hahahaha

I don't feel good or bad about looking really tan. Rather, a lot of my friends and relatives in Hong Kong have commented on my skin tone. I guess I have grown to accept the fact that I was born to be a tan girl... I was really tan when I was little, and I got all kinds of nicknames because of my tan skin. Hey, this is a look too, right?

Okay, red lipstick is the theme of this post. I guess no one can escape from a red lipstick once you started building your lipstick collection. This summer, I decided to buy lipsticks. I decided to buy a red one. I tried over 20 red lipsticks at Sephora, across all brands available there. I finally bought this, from Bite, a Canadian brand. This lipstick has a very interesting texture, like cream?! Moreover, the lipstick ingredient is food-grade, edible! I also bought another day-to-day bb lip balm from them. I am loving it! I will write more about it later.

I now like to do a lot of research, chat extensively with the sales, and have thorough understanding about the product and the brand before purchasing any clothes, or beauty products. Almost every item that I have bought recently has a story. The bag is very interesting too! I am planning to start an AG-Haul series to share with you guys all my interesting purchases! Keep an eye on that!

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