Sunday, September 21, 2014

My New Home

(earrings from the limited, shirt from kookai, lace top from mango, maxi dress from american apparel)

Hi there from London! I have moved into my accommodation. After some crazy unpacking and shopping, my new room is finally ready! Since I am only living here for 3 months, I try to minimize the homeware, and kitchenware I buy. However, there are things that I must buy, like the water kettle, bed sheets, a pan, a plate... Also, I finally decided to buy a drying rack. I still can't bear the risks of drying my clothes with a dryer...

I also bought a lovely plant - white Cyclamen. (if you can see from the photo...) I really love mini plants lately. I bought a mini orchid over the summer in Madison. My room in Madison received very little sunlight, so the orchid sadly died in a few weeks. Hopefully, the Cyclamen will flower until I leave. I will water it with love this time. hahahaha.

I pinned the floral cloth, a birthday gift from my friend, as the wall decoration. I don't have that many things to fill up the big blue bulletin board anyway. 

I really love my new room. I have a tendency to stay in my room all the time... especially when London is gloomy all the time, and is getting chilly. Well, because of that, I started writing a long list of things to do. I have to motivate myself to go explore London!

Other things... I am also enjoying having my own bathroom. I definitely won't have my own bathroom when I go back to the States. Location - I am enjoying the convenience of living in my accommodation. I can walk to three major underground stations, two rail stations, and some major shopping areas. If I am up for walking, I can even walk to Chinatown. 

I miss walking! I walked a lot in Madison. That was a lot of exercises. I am glad that I can keep up with that in London. 

Stay tuned! - if I am up for updating my blog ....who knows? oops.

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