Sunday, September 14, 2014

City Goodbye.


(shirt from izzue, tanktop from 2%, shorts from kookai, loafers from marc jospeh, rings from mimosa, earrings from american apparel, bag from matt & nat)

I am leaving tomorrow! My stay in Hong Kong this summer is short. It was a fully packed, densely loaded, exciting summer in Hong Kong. I had a wonderful time. I am glad that I was able to meet up with a lot of my dear friends, teachers, and instructors. I also held my awesome concert. haha a big birthday gift for myself. I did some shopping. I think I have become a quick shopper. I can decide if I am buying or not a buying an item very quickly. So even though I didn't have much time for shopping, I have some lovely purchases.

I am now packing for my 3 months in London. I am studying "abroad abroad"! I am attending University College London (UCL). I will try my best to "pack light". My light is not light at all anyway... hhaahaha

I intentionally feature my matt & nat bag in this blogpost. Their bags first caught my attention in my trip to Canada. I picked up a bag in a department store. I was highly interested in it. It was a Matt & Nat bag. However, the size, and inner arrangement of the bag are not what I am looking for. (I am very picky about bags. I have a lot of requirements/ specifications. It is hard for me to buy a bag. very hard.) Later, I saw many other Matt & Nat bags. I love all of them! I finally decided to buy this grey bag. This had been my work bag over the summer. I wore this everyday to work. I love it! Perfect size! With a zipper! Trendy look!

I will talk more about it in my ag haul series. 

Goodbye Hong Kong. I will miss you. You stay in my heart.

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