Wednesday, September 10, 2014

AG Haul. Bite Beauty Lipsticks

(left to right: Sephora VIB Rouge Luminous Creme Lipstick, BB for Lips - Tawny, Cashmere Lip Cream - Rioja)

(on lips: Cashmere Lip Cream - Rioja)

(left to right: BB for Lips - Tawny, Cashmere Lip Cream - Rioja)

(on lips: BB for Lips - Tawny)

As mentioned, I am starting a new serires - AG Haul! To be honest, I have shopped quite a lot in this summer. However, I did extensive research for every purchase. I seldom wore lipsticks in the past. I also seldom wear makeup. I agree that bright lips brighten up your look, so this summer, I decided to look for my perfect lipsticks. wohoo!

At first, I planned to go crazy and buy a red lipstick. I chatted with staffs at Sephora, got some recommendations. Then, I walked around Sephora for hours ...yes hours... trying over 20 lipsticks from all big brands, NARS, Make up forever, Benefit etc. I didn't know what to expect from lipsticks. Some looked fine, but I didn't feel the urge to purchase them. Red lipstick is a very vague description. There are all kinds of red. Slightly darker, slightly warmer, slightly orangey... especially because I paint, I am very sensitive to colors. 

I tried on some, and I looked like a crown, an old lady, a scary woman... It was also surprising to realized I didn't really like the texture of a lot of the lipsticks, some were too sticky, some were too dry... 

Finally, I found the Cashmere Lip Cream from Bite Beauty. It has a very interesting texture, just like the name - creamy texture. I also like the orangey, bright-but-not-too-bright color. 

I began trying other lipsticks of this brand. I am in love with the BB for Lips. Tawny is really close to my lip color. I don't need to put on concealer to cover my original lip color when putting on this. This is now my day to day lipstick. Very smooth and moisturizing! 

I also got a darker red lipstick from Bite Beauty as a gift because I am now a VIB Rouge member of Sephora. :P Shopped so much.

Okay, more about the brand. This is a pretty new Canadian brand based in Toronto. "Edgy, Edible, Innovation for lips." Yes! Their ingredients are edible!!! I love to eat. I eat and drink all the time, so an edible lipstick is perfect for me!

Watch out for my another AG Haul. update! Now heading out to meet up with my friends. bye! 

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