Sunday, September 21, 2014

My New Home

(earrings from the limited, shirt from kookai, lace top from mango, maxi dress from american apparel)

Hi there from London! I have moved into my accommodation. After some crazy unpacking and shopping, my new room is finally ready! Since I am only living here for 3 months, I try to minimize the homeware, and kitchenware I buy. However, there are things that I must buy, like the water kettle, bed sheets, a pan, a plate... Also, I finally decided to buy a drying rack. I still can't bear the risks of drying my clothes with a dryer...

I also bought a lovely plant - white Cyclamen. (if you can see from the photo...) I really love mini plants lately. I bought a mini orchid over the summer in Madison. My room in Madison received very little sunlight, so the orchid sadly died in a few weeks. Hopefully, the Cyclamen will flower until I leave. I will water it with love this time. hahahaha.

I pinned the floral cloth, a birthday gift from my friend, as the wall decoration. I don't have that many things to fill up the big blue bulletin board anyway. 

I really love my new room. I have a tendency to stay in my room all the time... especially when London is gloomy all the time, and is getting chilly. Well, because of that, I started writing a long list of things to do. I have to motivate myself to go explore London!

Other things... I am also enjoying having my own bathroom. I definitely won't have my own bathroom when I go back to the States. Location - I am enjoying the convenience of living in my accommodation. I can walk to three major underground stations, two rail stations, and some major shopping areas. If I am up for walking, I can even walk to Chinatown. 

I miss walking! I walked a lot in Madison. That was a lot of exercises. I am glad that I can keep up with that in London. 

Stay tuned! - if I am up for updating my blog ....who knows? oops.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

City Goodbye.


(shirt from izzue, tanktop from 2%, shorts from kookai, loafers from marc jospeh, rings from mimosa, earrings from american apparel, bag from matt & nat)

I am leaving tomorrow! My stay in Hong Kong this summer is short. It was a fully packed, densely loaded, exciting summer in Hong Kong. I had a wonderful time. I am glad that I was able to meet up with a lot of my dear friends, teachers, and instructors. I also held my awesome concert. haha a big birthday gift for myself. I did some shopping. I think I have become a quick shopper. I can decide if I am buying or not a buying an item very quickly. So even though I didn't have much time for shopping, I have some lovely purchases.

I am now packing for my 3 months in London. I am studying "abroad abroad"! I am attending University College London (UCL). I will try my best to "pack light". My light is not light at all anyway... hhaahaha

I intentionally feature my matt & nat bag in this blogpost. Their bags first caught my attention in my trip to Canada. I picked up a bag in a department store. I was highly interested in it. It was a Matt & Nat bag. However, the size, and inner arrangement of the bag are not what I am looking for. (I am very picky about bags. I have a lot of requirements/ specifications. It is hard for me to buy a bag. very hard.) Later, I saw many other Matt & Nat bags. I love all of them! I finally decided to buy this grey bag. This had been my work bag over the summer. I wore this everyday to work. I love it! Perfect size! With a zipper! Trendy look!

I will talk more about it in my ag haul series. 

Goodbye Hong Kong. I will miss you. You stay in my heart.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Refreshing Floral

(dress from melani, earrings from Croatia, bracelet from Shanghai, bag from Hong Kong, blue leather converse)

Anyone recognizes my dress? I blogged this dress two years ago! I still love this dress very much. In general, I tend to keep my clothes for quite long. I love reinterpreting my old clothes and accessories. A month ago, I finally donated some of my clothes I had had since I was in middle school... yes, middle school. 

Today, I used the lovely tote bag given from my mom's friend. Chinese floral print! Catchy and elegant - perfect for me, a pretty traditional Chinese woman in this modern age.

I also bought a new pair of converse! This is my....6th pair of converse. I had my first pair of converse when I was 12...I think. I have worn my black leather converse for two years. The rubber spilt, and was detached from my shoes, so I know I have to get a new pair. I really love my black leather converse. Before getting this, I even considered buying another pair of black leather converse. I thought that might be boring. I might feel good at first, but in two more weeks wearing my new black leather converse, I would get bored, and wished I had bought a new color- add some new vibrance to my wardrobe. Then, I saw this blue leather converse in the store!! I knew it! This is for me!

In this season's collection, they also have a very nice pair of purple leather converse. Purple used to be my favorite color. 5 years ago? I used to have a lot of purple products. However, I have not been feeling "purple" lately... :/ Purple products look very nice, but I don't see myself wearing them. They don't look like the right fit for me now. I usually ended up with blue, or red. My color perception now: Blue is cool but warm; red is warm but cool; purple is a mix of blue and red, yet too complex, too complicated, somewhat muddy, somewhat contradicting... Color preferences change as we age ...ah ha~ interesting

Surprised by my frequent blog updates lately? I cancelled some of my activities in these two days, so that I can stay at home, and ... take a break. I really enjoy that. I treasure my personal quiet moment. I was feeling very tired and somewhat stressed a few days ago, so I knew it was time to take a break. 

Keep breathing - :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

AG Haul. Bite Beauty Lipsticks

(left to right: Sephora VIB Rouge Luminous Creme Lipstick, BB for Lips - Tawny, Cashmere Lip Cream - Rioja)

(on lips: Cashmere Lip Cream - Rioja)

(left to right: BB for Lips - Tawny, Cashmere Lip Cream - Rioja)

(on lips: BB for Lips - Tawny)

As mentioned, I am starting a new serires - AG Haul! To be honest, I have shopped quite a lot in this summer. However, I did extensive research for every purchase. I seldom wore lipsticks in the past. I also seldom wear makeup. I agree that bright lips brighten up your look, so this summer, I decided to look for my perfect lipsticks. wohoo!

At first, I planned to go crazy and buy a red lipstick. I chatted with staffs at Sephora, got some recommendations. Then, I walked around Sephora for hours ...yes hours... trying over 20 lipsticks from all big brands, NARS, Make up forever, Benefit etc. I didn't know what to expect from lipsticks. Some looked fine, but I didn't feel the urge to purchase them. Red lipstick is a very vague description. There are all kinds of red. Slightly darker, slightly warmer, slightly orangey... especially because I paint, I am very sensitive to colors. 

I tried on some, and I looked like a crown, an old lady, a scary woman... It was also surprising to realized I didn't really like the texture of a lot of the lipsticks, some were too sticky, some were too dry... 

Finally, I found the Cashmere Lip Cream from Bite Beauty. It has a very interesting texture, just like the name - creamy texture. I also like the orangey, bright-but-not-too-bright color. 

I began trying other lipsticks of this brand. I am in love with the BB for Lips. Tawny is really close to my lip color. I don't need to put on concealer to cover my original lip color when putting on this. This is now my day to day lipstick. Very smooth and moisturizing! 

I also got a darker red lipstick from Bite Beauty as a gift because I am now a VIB Rouge member of Sephora. :P Shopped so much.

Okay, more about the brand. This is a pretty new Canadian brand based in Toronto. "Edgy, Edible, Innovation for lips." Yes! Their ingredients are edible!!! I love to eat. I eat and drink all the time, so an edible lipstick is perfect for me!

Watch out for my another AG Haul. update! Now heading out to meet up with my friends. bye! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Red Bite

(lace top from mango, pants from BDG/ Urban Outfitters, booties from millies, bag from grion, denim jacket from kookai, hat from forever 21, earrings from the limited, bracelets from the limited, pandora, and Milwaukee, WI, red lipstick from bite)

I just got back from my family vacation to Hualien, Taiwan! Amazing trip! Beautiful scenery! I have also learned a lot about the culture, and history of the native Taiwanese. It was a very fun trip! As you could probably tell, I got tan, even more tanned than from Madison ... hahahaha

I don't feel good or bad about looking really tan. Rather, a lot of my friends and relatives in Hong Kong have commented on my skin tone. I guess I have grown to accept the fact that I was born to be a tan girl... I was really tan when I was little, and I got all kinds of nicknames because of my tan skin. Hey, this is a look too, right?

Okay, red lipstick is the theme of this post. I guess no one can escape from a red lipstick once you started building your lipstick collection. This summer, I decided to buy lipsticks. I decided to buy a red one. I tried over 20 red lipsticks at Sephora, across all brands available there. I finally bought this, from Bite, a Canadian brand. This lipstick has a very interesting texture, like cream?! Moreover, the lipstick ingredient is food-grade, edible! I also bought another day-to-day bb lip balm from them. I am loving it! I will write more about it later.

I now like to do a lot of research, chat extensively with the sales, and have thorough understanding about the product and the brand before purchasing any clothes, or beauty products. Almost every item that I have bought recently has a story. The bag is very interesting too! I am planning to start an AG-Haul series to share with you guys all my interesting purchases! Keep an eye on that!