Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Timeless White

(white tee from ASOS,  shorts from kookai, loafers from marc joseph, watch from vivienne westwood, friendship bracelet - DIY,  bracelets from accessorize, pandora, and ans, ring from Madison, WI, bag from urban outfitters)

 White tee sometimes can be your best matching buddy! I seldom buy tees now. I don't see the point of keeping too many tees/ t-shirts. They serve the same purpose! I now like the simplest one, with a good texture, and an acceptable neckline. I try to avoid those that are too low, because wearing them can be inconvenient. Good cotton shouldn't cost too much. Like this one, I bought it in $14 bucks. I think it is a very affordable price for a quality top!

I finally bought my birthday watch! This is the birthday present from my parents! I seldom have birthday/ christmas gifts requests. Every time I have a birthday gift request  - it is a watch. hahaha. I also discovered I have a watch request every two years...totally unintentional. I think I may keep this trend. Watch is very important to me. While most people seldom wear watches nowadays and rely on their phones, I still wear a watch every day. I feel very uncomfortable when I forget to wear my watch. Knowing the time is important for me. I care to be punctual. Also... I am a busy girl hahahaa.. I pack so many things in my schedule, so it is important for me to keep track of my time.

Long story for buying my watch - I first found a watch that I like from an online shop. That's when I came up with the idea to request for a birthday watch... again. Then, I finally did online shopping two months later. I decided to look into other options, and I finally ordered another watch, from Michael Kors. However, that watch was too big for my wrist. I unfortunately had to return it. After that, I went online to order the watch that I really liked at first sight. Yet I ran into transaction problems with various credit/debit cards. I decided - perhaps that watch wasn't meant to be for me. I should wait until I get back to Hong Kong to find my ideal watch.

I visited many stores. Surprisingly, very few stores have watches that fit into my expectations. Finally, I decided to walk into Vivienne Westwood (I haven't been there for ages), and found this lovely watch! This watch also matches nicely with my friendship bracelet which I braided in May/ June.

What a long blogpost...

Last but not least, I highly recommend my loafers!! I am in love with it! Marc Joesph is from New York. I saw this pair of loafers in a shop in Madison, Wisconsin. At first, I was a bit hesitant. As most of my friends know, I love wearing loafers. When I first picked this pair up, I thought it might look a bit old fashioned.  However, once I have tried it on, I am in love with it! Super comfy! sooooo amazing. Also, I think it actually looks quite stylish! 

Concert prep updates: I have been transposing music to the performance keys. We will have another full rehearsal tonight. SO EXCITED.

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