Friday, August 29, 2014

Checked Town

(checked top from KBF, skirt from urban outfitters, flats from american apparel, backpack from zip-it, sunglasses from ray ban, necklace from Madison, WI)

I feel like I am a country/ village girl in a big city today. When I was in college, my outfits were probably the most metropolitan among my friends. 

I newly discovered this lovely brand - KBF. This is a Japanese brand, under i.t. in Hong Kong. They have a store in The One. I love the cut, the texture, and the style of their clothes! Adorable! So soft! Mindful designs! Country, and with a hint of elegance! Relaxing, but not overly casual! I will definitely visit this store again when I return to Hong Kong in December.

Moreover, they were in big sale! I will blog my other clothes in the coming weeks. I bought them in super good deal!

Concert updates: I held my concert last Saturday. It was a fun night for everyone. I am more than glad about how it turned out. I guess I would call it my gift for my twentieth. Although our music performance was not perfect, I think we had put our best efforts to put together an awesome show in a limited time. I am so proud of my talented band, and hopefully, we can jam together in the future!

Other life updates: I have been meeting up, and catching up with a lot of friends. On Sunday, I am flying to Taiwan for a family vacation. I am very excited about it!

Lots of traveling... hahaha

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