Friday, August 29, 2014

Checked Town

(checked top from KBF, skirt from urban outfitters, flats from american apparel, backpack from zip-it, sunglasses from ray ban, necklace from Madison, WI)

I feel like I am a country/ village girl in a big city today. When I was in college, my outfits were probably the most metropolitan among my friends. 

I newly discovered this lovely brand - KBF. This is a Japanese brand, under i.t. in Hong Kong. They have a store in The One. I love the cut, the texture, and the style of their clothes! Adorable! So soft! Mindful designs! Country, and with a hint of elegance! Relaxing, but not overly casual! I will definitely visit this store again when I return to Hong Kong in December.

Moreover, they were in big sale! I will blog my other clothes in the coming weeks. I bought them in super good deal!

Concert updates: I held my concert last Saturday. It was a fun night for everyone. I am more than glad about how it turned out. I guess I would call it my gift for my twentieth. Although our music performance was not perfect, I think we had put our best efforts to put together an awesome show in a limited time. I am so proud of my talented band, and hopefully, we can jam together in the future!

Other life updates: I have been meeting up, and catching up with a lot of friends. On Sunday, I am flying to Taiwan for a family vacation. I am very excited about it!

Lots of traveling... hahaha

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cooling Mint

(top from ASOS/ Warehouse, shorts, earrings, and necklace from American Apparel, bracelets from the limited, and Milwaukee, WI, rings from the limited, bag from Cheung Sha Wan, keds) 

I am updating this blog again!!! I know I don't have much time in Hong Kong, so I try to update as many times as possible! I miss sharing with people my outfits. haha.

I bought this top for my internship. Before the summer, I realized I didn't have any working outfits with me in the States, so I did a little online shopping to stock up my workplace wardrobe! :P 

I really love the texture of this top! And I know a lot of my friends would say - this color again! I do quite like this color. Cool, fresh, and springy. However, I have also stopped buying this color, because I think I already have enough of it. 

I got the orange bracelet from Milwaukee Public Market. I love that place, and I love walking in markets, and exploring local handcrafts. 

Keds! They are more comfy than I imagined. I highly recommend them too! I walk a lot, and I had no trouble wearing them all day. They are also super easy to match with!

Concert prep updates: we had our full band rehearsal yesterday. It was great! However, there are also much work to be done. I have been really busy taking of the musical side of the concert preparation. Speaking of that, I should get back to it NOW. bye~

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Timeless White

(white tee from ASOS,  shorts from kookai, loafers from marc joseph, watch from vivienne westwood, friendship bracelet - DIY,  bracelets from accessorize, pandora, and ans, ring from Madison, WI, bag from urban outfitters)

 White tee sometimes can be your best matching buddy! I seldom buy tees now. I don't see the point of keeping too many tees/ t-shirts. They serve the same purpose! I now like the simplest one, with a good texture, and an acceptable neckline. I try to avoid those that are too low, because wearing them can be inconvenient. Good cotton shouldn't cost too much. Like this one, I bought it in $14 bucks. I think it is a very affordable price for a quality top!

I finally bought my birthday watch! This is the birthday present from my parents! I seldom have birthday/ christmas gifts requests. Every time I have a birthday gift request  - it is a watch. hahaha. I also discovered I have a watch request every two years...totally unintentional. I think I may keep this trend. Watch is very important to me. While most people seldom wear watches nowadays and rely on their phones, I still wear a watch every day. I feel very uncomfortable when I forget to wear my watch. Knowing the time is important for me. I care to be punctual. Also... I am a busy girl hahahaa.. I pack so many things in my schedule, so it is important for me to keep track of my time.

Long story for buying my watch - I first found a watch that I like from an online shop. That's when I came up with the idea to request for a birthday watch... again. Then, I finally did online shopping two months later. I decided to look into other options, and I finally ordered another watch, from Michael Kors. However, that watch was too big for my wrist. I unfortunately had to return it. After that, I went online to order the watch that I really liked at first sight. Yet I ran into transaction problems with various credit/debit cards. I decided - perhaps that watch wasn't meant to be for me. I should wait until I get back to Hong Kong to find my ideal watch.

I visited many stores. Surprisingly, very few stores have watches that fit into my expectations. Finally, I decided to walk into Vivienne Westwood (I haven't been there for ages), and found this lovely watch! This watch also matches nicely with my friendship bracelet which I braided in May/ June.

What a long blogpost...

Last but not least, I highly recommend my loafers!! I am in love with it! Marc Joesph is from New York. I saw this pair of loafers in a shop in Madison, Wisconsin. At first, I was a bit hesitant. As most of my friends know, I love wearing loafers. When I first picked this pair up, I thought it might look a bit old fashioned.  However, once I have tried it on, I am in love with it! Super comfy! sooooo amazing. Also, I think it actually looks quite stylish! 

Concert prep updates: I have been transposing music to the performance keys. We will have another full rehearsal tonight. SO EXCITED.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to the City

(shirt, and maxi dress from the limited, hat from sephora, earrings and bracelet from Madison, WI, bag from rebecca minkoff, keds)

I am finally updating this blog! It has been really long - 8 months. I am finally back! I do miss blogging. Life update: I worked at Madison, Wisconsin in the last two months. Towards the end of my internship, I came up with a crazy idea to hold a concert. In less than a month, I recruited a band, found a venue, set a date.... now the concert is scheduled at Aug 23. Happening in less than a week! We have had a couple of rehearsals. I am so excited! 

I just have one wish right now - sleep well. I am still struggling with jet lag, which is really rare for me. It has already been a week. I guess I really have been away for too long.

My stay in Hong Kong is brief.  Hopefully, I get to update this blog a few more times before I leave. :P