Thursday, January 2, 2014

mom's pants

(blazer and golden sweater from urban outfitters, top from muji, pants from mom, socks from unknown, shoes from steve madden, bag from staccato, earrings from paris bijoux, necklace from cheung chau)

I sometimes wear my mom's coats and tops, but today, for the first time, I am wearing my mom's pants! This is a piece of big news! One day, my mom, looking at the mirror, said "I don't remember buying a pair of jeans with fake pockets." That was my jeans. It was mistakenly placed in my mom's closet. That's why I never saw it returning to my wardrobe after the laundry. That day, I discovered a big news... My mom can actually fit into my pants! I may be able to wear my mom's!

Mom's pants is a little bit too short for me, so I wore long socks today. I have no idea who owns this pair of socks. No one at home claimed it, and I wanted to match my outfit with black socks today, so I took it. It might be my grandma's, my dad's... who knows? :P

I am leaving Hong Kong very soon. I plan to dig into my mom's closet for outfits in the coming days, so I can pack my own clothes into the suitcase. Another news, I cut my hair short again! Just like last year, I trimmed my hair short before heading back for my winter and spring terms. I loved my long curly hair a lot. I am glad that I took a lot of photos with that hairstyle. I am getting used to my new look in the mirror. My hair is super smooth and light now. I finally got rid of the weird small batch of crazily tangled hair. hurray.

Happy new year!