Friday, December 6, 2013

the Weekend Dress

(dress from urban outfitter, shirt from izzue, jacket from urban outfitter, cardigan from kookai, tights from jusco, combat boots from guess, earrings from stanley)

This pair of boots is one of my proud purchase of this season. I found it online. Together with the points I earned from previous purchases, this pair costs less than 35 bucks. They are extremely comfortable. I wore them everyday in college.

I have been looking around in stores a lot since I came back. (catching up with fashion ideas; very fun indeed!) It is sad that I don't fit in some trousers. Don't worry that I will buy too many clothes during this break because it is actually really hard for me to find trousers that fit me well in Hong Kong.  I also have big feet, so it is also hard for me to buy shoes here. By elimination, there are pretty stores that I  never visit now. :(

I also saw a lot of nice coats and scarves but I only wear my down coat and seldom wear scarf in the States, so I don't need to buy new coat and scarf either. It is good that I have so many crtieria. It makes me hard to buy new things and avoid unnecessary spending. 

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