Tuesday, December 10, 2013

(shirt from BDG, skirt from korea, hat from korea, bag from zucca, scarf from agnes b, tights from hue, shoes from steve madden, necklace from forever 21, earrings from stanley)

I was really happy to find this hat! My hairstyle now is also good for wearing hats! Oh.. I feel like I will miss my long hair when I cut it next month. 

So, what's up with my life? I honestly feel weird to be stress-free. My most demanding job right now... I would say is blogging. It is actually tiring to blog. You look at all the pictures that you have taken on the computer screen over and over again, and try to pick the ones that you really like. Other than that, I have been drawing a lot. I am happy to announce that my newest painting will be done by tomorrow! After that, I will quickly send it to the designer to publish my 2014 calendar. Exciting! I am also taking driving lessons. With my driving skills, I believe I am bringing excitement to the Hong Kong traffic...haha

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