Thursday, December 19, 2013

Overall after 18 years

(sweater from abercrombie & fitch, overall from monki, socks from mongkok, convers, necklace from b+ab)

What's up? I haven't blogged for days. I know. What have I been doing? I am preparing for the band concert on Saturday, and also recording a pop cover. I still haven't finished the cover but my Christmas activities are coming so I don't know when I can finish it.

I wanted to say this was my first overall but I flipped through my childhood album which was my dad's desk and found a photo of me wearing a red overall. So I can't make that claim. This black one is my second overall and the red one is the one first one of my life. Fashion trend is a loop. After 18 years, overalls are trending again. Or, after 18 years, my fashion taste hasn't differed by much...

I looked like a boy when I was little, right? 

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