Monday, December 2, 2013

messy curl

(velvet jacket from izzue, velvet lace top from abercrombie & fitch, jeans from izzue, checked shirt from pull & bear, earrings from six, necklace from american eagle outfitter, shoes from steve madden, ring from monki)

Finally!!!! I am updating my blog! It took me forever and also required outflowing patience... My computer is working very slowly right now. I guess it also felt tired after working non-stop for a term. It is currently on strike. I am more than thankful that this happens after my finals.

Wonder if you have realized... I had a haircut! My hair stylist described this as the curliest perm that she has ever given me. Curly and messy. That's what she said. When she showed me with a mirror after the haircut, I was skeptical towards her claim about the curliness. Today, after washing the hair on my own, I had to agree that this is really curly. :P I haven't had long hair for more than a year, so I am excited to keep my hair long for the Christmas. After that, I plan to cut it short again. You know... I won't have haircut for the coming six months when I am in the States.

I am also excited to go to concert tonight! I am expecting good music. ;)

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