Thursday, December 19, 2013

Overall after 18 years

(sweater from abercrombie & fitch, overall from monki, socks from mongkok, convers, necklace from b+ab)

What's up? I haven't blogged for days. I know. What have I been doing? I am preparing for the band concert on Saturday, and also recording a pop cover. I still haven't finished the cover but my Christmas activities are coming so I don't know when I can finish it.

I wanted to say this was my first overall but I flipped through my childhood album which was my dad's desk and found a photo of me wearing a red overall. So I can't make that claim. This black one is my second overall and the red one is the one first one of my life. Fashion trend is a loop. After 18 years, overalls are trending again. Or, after 18 years, my fashion taste hasn't differed by much...

I looked like a boy when I was little, right? 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

in the Maze

(daisy t-shirt from urban outfitters, maxi skirt from american apparel, converse, bag from zucca, necklace from forever 21)

I really like daisy print recently! One day, I intentionally wore my daisy t-shirt to meet up with my third grader buddy, Daisy. She didn't seem to react to my t-shirt... oh sad. I will try again when I get back. Hopefully, someday she will react and say 'You are wearing a Daisy shirt today!'

As titled, I took these pictures in a maze. It was hard to find a quiet place in the park. The maze happened to be the best spot for photo shooting. Life is like a maze, right?

(shirt from BDG, skirt from korea, hat from korea, bag from zucca, scarf from agnes b, tights from hue, shoes from steve madden, necklace from forever 21, earrings from stanley)

I was really happy to find this hat! My hairstyle now is also good for wearing hats! Oh.. I feel like I will miss my long hair when I cut it next month. 

So, what's up with my life? I honestly feel weird to be stress-free. My most demanding job right now... I would say is blogging. It is actually tiring to blog. You look at all the pictures that you have taken on the computer screen over and over again, and try to pick the ones that you really like. Other than that, I have been drawing a lot. I am happy to announce that my newest painting will be done by tomorrow! After that, I will quickly send it to the designer to publish my 2014 calendar. Exciting! I am also taking driving lessons. With my driving skills, I believe I am bringing excitement to the Hong Kong traffic...haha

Friday, December 6, 2013

the Weekend Dress

(dress from urban outfitter, shirt from izzue, jacket from urban outfitter, cardigan from kookai, tights from jusco, combat boots from guess, earrings from stanley)

This pair of boots is one of my proud purchase of this season. I found it online. Together with the points I earned from previous purchases, this pair costs less than 35 bucks. They are extremely comfortable. I wore them everyday in college.

I have been looking around in stores a lot since I came back. (catching up with fashion ideas; very fun indeed!) It is sad that I don't fit in some trousers. Don't worry that I will buy too many clothes during this break because it is actually really hard for me to find trousers that fit me well in Hong Kong.  I also have big feet, so it is also hard for me to buy shoes here. By elimination, there are pretty stores that I  never visit now. :(

I also saw a lot of nice coats and scarves but I only wear my down coat and seldom wear scarf in the States, so I don't need to buy new coat and scarf either. It is good that I have so many crtieria. It makes me hard to buy new things and avoid unnecessary spending. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

mustard seed.

(t-shirt from mustard seed, check shirt from japan, jacket from urban outfitter, jeans from izzue, flats from minnetonka, necklace from forever 21)

Lovely t-shirt, right? This is the t-shirt for Mustard Seed, a praise and worship band at my college. I seldom buy t-shirts now. I would rather wear t-shirts that are meaningful to me, like this one ;)

Monday, December 2, 2013

messy curl

(velvet jacket from izzue, velvet lace top from abercrombie & fitch, jeans from izzue, checked shirt from pull & bear, earrings from six, necklace from american eagle outfitter, shoes from steve madden, ring from monki)

Finally!!!! I am updating my blog! It took me forever and also required outflowing patience... My computer is working very slowly right now. I guess it also felt tired after working non-stop for a term. It is currently on strike. I am more than thankful that this happens after my finals.

Wonder if you have realized... I had a haircut! My hair stylist described this as the curliest perm that she has ever given me. Curly and messy. That's what she said. When she showed me with a mirror after the haircut, I was skeptical towards her claim about the curliness. Today, after washing the hair on my own, I had to agree that this is really curly. :P I haven't had long hair for more than a year, so I am excited to keep my hair long for the Christmas. After that, I plan to cut it short again. You know... I won't have haircut for the coming six months when I am in the States.

I am also excited to go to concert tonight! I am expecting good music. ;)