Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter Burgundy

(sweater from abercrombie & fitch, skirt from 2068, tights from hue, shoes from steve madden, necklace from b+ab) 

Back in Hong Kong! I did not manage to blog after my midterm break post. By the end of the term, I looked so deadly tired that I did not even want to look at the mirror. My mom commented that my outfit was so dark this morning. It is winter, right? These are winter colors! 

I am very confused by the weather right now. The temperature is low in Hong Kong standard but not too much to me. The wind breeze sounds really cold. The bright sun looks warm. Then, I often walked out of a building worrying that I might not have dressed enough, and realized I could have worn less.

I am excited to watch the Hunger Games- Catching fire tomorrow. Speaking of movies, I really enjoyed 'Song for Marion/ Unfinished Song', which I watched on the plane. I was glad that I had a pack of tissue in my backpack. It was a very touching movie and I cried so much and finished my pack of tissue. I guess my neighbor who was watching an action movie could not understand what emotions I was going through.