Saturday, October 19, 2013

the Mid-Point

(give you a bigger picture of where I was...)

(blazer, cardigan from urban outfitters, pants from uniqlo, floral shirt from kookai, t-shirt from ragstock, scarf from nordstrom, boots from nine west)

Layering is very important now! With one outfit, I could go to dance practice, walk outdoor, cook at the kitchen. Multi-functional! Laundry basket is all full now though!

It is now midterm break, which means I am half way through my term. I feel that this is also a midpoint of many things. I am at a midpoint where I question about a lot of things. It is a very good time for evaluation. Should I pursue this and that? Should I continue with that? Should I reallocate my effort? Have I been approaching certain things right? ... Questions go on and on. I guess a lot of people are going through this too. I think this is a good process. To me, studying abroad is always like a long period retreat. 

This blog has been quiet for too long. My friends reminded me to blog. I was not in the mood to be on pictures. (Here's the point you question about going to college: Being so stressed out, look weary all the time, and end up like a zombie. Should I take it easy and be a slacker? ... Nah, that's not how a perfectionist work.) I felt really rejuvenated this weekend. I may look tired but I am recovering... My face wanna look sleepy and I have no choice. My mind, spirit and soul are joyfully awake. 

Life is still good. Questioning validate that I am making my life full.