Monday, August 19, 2013

Risk Shopping

(top from pull & bear, lace skirt from cheung sha wan, necklace from b+ab, bracelet from francesca, converse)

I was really tired today. I felt asleep on the sofa for several times. Finally, I knew I must get up and prepare to head out. When I woke up and looked at mirror, I thought my eyes bulged out... (scary?)

I found this lace skirt in a small shop in cheung sha wan. Super good deal. You always need a lot of patience to find goodies in those small shops. You also need to tell if clothes fit you by bare eyes. My mom recommended me to buy some dresses there but I knew they wouldn't fit. Look through your clothes and have in mind the size of your collection, so that you can minimize regretful purchases! This is a risk shopping!

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