Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Over the Rainbow

(dress from charlotte russe, boots from kookai, bag from marimekko, denim shirt from izzue, belt from modcloth, earrings from slovenia)

From the background, you can probably tell that I am back in Hong Kong!!! Hong Kong is doing great; it generously gave me blue skies and even rainbows today! I knew Hong Kong had been raining crazily for weeks previously, so I am really happy about this more-than-anything beautiful weather.  Before the photo shoot, it rained heavily. I was at home and I thought... maybe I couldn't blog today. Then, after 20 minutes, I saw rainbow and blue sky! Never get disappointed too quickly. (well, we should never be affected by weather)

I dug out my marimekko tote bag that I bought in Finland many years ago (probably 6? 7?). There are marimekko products available in Hong Kong now. Many years ago, when I visited Finland, marimekko was still a fresh face to Hong Kong. I transferred at Helsinki airport in this Croatia, Slovenia trip. The short stay at Helsinki reminded me of my Finland trip, my fond impression of Finland, and my marimekko bag. 

I bought the lace earrings in Slovenia. Slovenia is famous for its lace products. I doubt if I would use their lace dish mat or wall decoration. In the end, I decided to buy their earrings because I knew I would wear them.

My time in Hong Kong is short. I think I should write a daily checklist.

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