Thursday, July 4, 2013

half office

(shirt from nordstrom, skirt from urban outfitter, sailor decks from sperry top-sider, necklace from mod cloth, earrings from charlotte russe, mint bracelet from croatia)

Blogging again! because I am back in Hong Kong! I actually took a lot of outfit photos in Croatia and Slovenia but the internet connection in the places that I stayed was usually bad and I was often too tired to do anything other than getting ready for bed. 

Croatia and Slovenia were great. Hopefully I would have time to write some travel blogs. I am treasuring my precious 4 days in Hong Kong. Meeting all my lovely friends, spending time with parents and relatives and eating good food... list is long and schedule is tight. :S

I intentionally dressed more office like / not too casual today because I was going to meet my friend who came off from work. I did not want to give a big contrast between the two of us when we were walking in the street. At the same time, I did not dress like I was working in an office because I am really not. It turned out my friend also dressed more casual than usual working attire. 

Each of us stepped one step forward. Isn't just right? perfect match.

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