Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the spring term // the first year

1. Sunset of one day in the spring break. Gorgeous sunset. This seemed to mark a nice start for spring term.

2. Spring break is all about cooking, blogging and exercising. Eggs in croissant. 

3. Looking around the campus for good blogging spot every day... 

4. Enjoying the East side of the campus.

5. Decorated my wall in front of my desk.

6. Our dear dining hall welcomed us back with - Peep pie.

7. Jazz stepped into my life. I am listening to them ALL DAY. Old stuffs are good, but what about the Avant-Garde? meh~.

7. Saturday bagel breakfast became my practice.

8. Without hair cut for five months, I became more innovative with my hairstyles again.

9. Enjoy reading outside! Let the Sunshine In!! 

10. Days after the sunny sweaty day, I woke up and saw a piece of white. WHAT IS THIS?

11. Accepted Students Week. We were excited and enthusiastic hosts. We can't wait for you to come!

12. Ebony II showing. A lot of dancing is involved in the spring term. More dancing in the future. I should buy better socks for the coming term.

13. Spring Swing 2013. Swing dancing is fun. Never thought I would be involved that much in social dancing.

14. A new friend came to my life. Wednesday afternoon is our chilling time.

15. We love monopolies. We even played monopolies outdoor. - definitely not something that I would do in Hong Kong.

16. One of my favorite moments of this term. Their Way Home.

17. Got more ambitious plan about cooking. I baked at least 150 egg tarts for the international festival.

18. C.S. Lewis -Screwtape. Nice to be in the twin cities and a fancy theatre. Good to have some city life connection.

19. Spring Retreat. A quite surreal weekend. We enjoyed sunshine, rolled the boat, lied on the trampoline, swinged, slided... Enjoyed God's great creation.

20. Fireworks at Spring Concert. In the midst of finishing my crazy workload of that week, the fireworks enlightened my day.

21. Burton in the Spring. I have a collection of Burton in three terms. Always pretty. A dungeon? A castle?

22. I was too distracted by the rain, coldness and gloomy days, and did not realize that grasses were growing. Our campus is green again!

23. Tandem Bagels. YEAH! love it. honey wheat is my favorite.

24. The libe. How I spent my end of the term. Ten hours after ten hours... every day... my back hurt in in the end of the week. I had to walk slowly to places.

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