Friday, June 14, 2013

Floral Springy

(floral dress from modcloth/ lush, decks from top-sider, bag from hiroshima, cardigan from kookai, necklace from modcloth)

This is one of the floral dresses that I believed I would not buy in Hong Kong. Who wears such a floral print? I do. I never wore floral when I was young. This is a crazy print for me. I like it and feel natural with it. In fact, I loved to wear dress pants, shirts and blazers when I was young. End-of-the-term packing was a pain. When I packed my dress pants, I realized I did not wear them at all in the US. 

I was sick of the rain towards the end of the term. Now, Hong Kong is raining too. .... Despite my friend saying that I got tanned, I do think I have vitamin D deficiency right now. Please give me some sunlight!  

I also really should kick away my bad habit of kicking suitcases when I move and pack. I got bruises all over my legs again. :(

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