Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chinese Garden

(shirt from izzue, lace top, shorts from american eagle outfitter, belt from prince edward, earrings from korea, oxford shoes from melani)

I made it! I have blogged every day this week since I came back. Goal achieved. I am not sure if I will be able to blog in Croatia, Taiwan etc. Thanks for browsing my blog this week. Packing is almost done. I am excited about this trip. ... not the heat though. Hong Kong finally has blue sky today. I missed the feeling of sweating when I was in Minnesota. I finally sweated a lot today, but walking under the big sun was really a pain. What about walking under thirty-ish degrees everyday in Croatia? ....

This is one of my favorite parks. It is a Chinese garden. I loved walking here while dreaming about the TV dramas with ancient Chinese empire setting when I was young. I also felt especially good for walking here with Chinese costumes. 

You can probably realize my mom is my photographer of the recent posts. Credits to her. She is back, so I don't have to pose in front of a tripod. The plastic of my tripod in Hong Kong is very brittle now. Also... the awkward moment when someone walk near you and you are posing in front of a camera on a tripod...... VERY AWKWARD....

Anyone recognizes my shirt? Within my limited blogposts, this is my third time blogging this shirt! Again, I love shirts; I love this shirt. (Well, I actually love every single of my shirt.)

Bye, Hong Kong. I love you.

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