Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cave life?

(shirt from kookai, tank top from uniqlo, white jeans from zara, desert boots from clarks, flower necklace from Lake Bled, Slovenia)

-photos from Predjama Castle, Postojna

We drove for over an hour from lake Bled to Postojna cave yesterday. We took the train inside the cave and watched those astonishing Karst monuments. They were AMAZING. We are leaving Slovenia for Croatia tomorrow. The population of the two countries in total is still less than that of Hong Kong... Can you imagine?!

I fell in love with my dessert boots again. I doubt if I had ever worn my dessert boots that many times within a short period. It is a good pair of shoes for traveling (once you have worn it enough to make the leather soft).  I have walked a lot with it these days and didn't get soared. It did the job. ;)

I bought the necklace from Lake Bled days ago. It is made from real flowers. Thanks for the patience of the boss. It took me a long while to pick my ideal one.

Time to go! Visit another castle!
(The architecture of the Predjama Castle was really cool. It was built into a cave. I have much respect for the builders but I don't think I would like to live in a cold, damp place.)

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