Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cave life?

(shirt from kookai, tank top from uniqlo, white jeans from zara, desert boots from clarks, flower necklace from Lake Bled, Slovenia)

-photos from Predjama Castle, Postojna

We drove for over an hour from lake Bled to Postojna cave yesterday. We took the train inside the cave and watched those astonishing Karst monuments. They were AMAZING. We are leaving Slovenia for Croatia tomorrow. The population of the two countries in total is still less than that of Hong Kong... Can you imagine?!

I fell in love with my dessert boots again. I doubt if I had ever worn my dessert boots that many times within a short period. It is a good pair of shoes for traveling (once you have worn it enough to make the leather soft).  I have walked a lot with it these days and didn't get soared. It did the job. ;)

I bought the necklace from Lake Bled days ago. It is made from real flowers. Thanks for the patience of the boss. It took me a long while to pick my ideal one.

Time to go! Visit another castle!
(The architecture of the Predjama Castle was really cool. It was built into a cave. I have much respect for the builders but I don't think I would like to live in a cold, damp place.)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chinese Garden

(shirt from izzue, lace top, shorts from american eagle outfitter, belt from prince edward, earrings from korea, oxford shoes from melani)

I made it! I have blogged every day this week since I came back. Goal achieved. I am not sure if I will be able to blog in Croatia, Taiwan etc. Thanks for browsing my blog this week. Packing is almost done. I am excited about this trip. ... not the heat though. Hong Kong finally has blue sky today. I missed the feeling of sweating when I was in Minnesota. I finally sweated a lot today, but walking under the big sun was really a pain. What about walking under thirty-ish degrees everyday in Croatia? ....

This is one of my favorite parks. It is a Chinese garden. I loved walking here while dreaming about the TV dramas with ancient Chinese empire setting when I was young. I also felt especially good for walking here with Chinese costumes. 

You can probably realize my mom is my photographer of the recent posts. Credits to her. She is back, so I don't have to pose in front of a tripod. The plastic of my tripod in Hong Kong is very brittle now. Also... the awkward moment when someone walk near you and you are posing in front of a camera on a tripod...... VERY AWKWARD....

Anyone recognizes my shirt? Within my limited blogposts, this is my third time blogging this shirt! Again, I love shirts; I love this shirt. (Well, I actually love every single of my shirt.)

Bye, Hong Kong. I love you.

Monday, June 17, 2013

before the Rain

(dress from urban outfitter, socks from bershka, desert boots from clarks, bracelet from assisi, earrings from charlotte russe)

After I had taken these pictures, it started raining heavily. I was really surprised. My mom always says orange is a popular color of this season (based on her recent shopping experience).Erm.. I am not sure if it is correct but I am wearing orange socks today.

The bracelet is actually the prayer beads. My mom bought it from Assisi, her pilgrimage trip. I love it a lot. I think I will wear it all the time from now on.

I should start packing again. We are leaving for Croatia tomorrow night. I am happy about the places I have been to, food that I have tried since I came back. My stay in Hong Kong this time is short but the intensive series of activities that I have done definitely makes me feel good. Battery up. ready to go. ;)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

the suit dress girl

( blazer from enigma, dress from modcloth, shoes from steve maden, belt from taiwan, bag from zucca)

Blazers, oxford shoes, dresses and shirts are my favorite things. I don't match like this in the US very often now.  I guess I would match the dress with converse, backpack... instead. I still like this style though. 

Every time I spend time to shuffle around the sequence of my pictures. There is always a sequence that I feel 'good'. I wonder how much difference it makes. Isn't it still the same set of photos?! huh? ... 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Saturday jeans

(grey tee from ragstock, jeans from abercrombie & fitch, belt from taiwan, tote bag from zucca, converse)

My lovely observant friends realized that I had a hair cut and perm. Right! My hairstylist described it as a "messy perm" this time. I think this might be my twelfth year having her to cut my hair. She has basically decided all my hairstyles. It often matches with what I want. 

It is a rainy day again. Dear Hong Kong, do you know I am just staying here for a week? Anyway, the rain won't stop me from meeting with my dear friends. Should head out now, bye!

Floral Springy

(floral dress from modcloth/ lush, decks from top-sider, bag from hiroshima, cardigan from kookai, necklace from modcloth)

This is one of the floral dresses that I believed I would not buy in Hong Kong. Who wears such a floral print? I do. I never wore floral when I was young. This is a crazy print for me. I like it and feel natural with it. In fact, I loved to wear dress pants, shirts and blazers when I was young. End-of-the-term packing was a pain. When I packed my dress pants, I realized I did not wear them at all in the US. 

I was sick of the rain towards the end of the term. Now, Hong Kong is raining too. .... Despite my friend saying that I got tanned, I do think I have vitamin D deficiency right now. Please give me some sunlight!  

I also really should kick away my bad habit of kicking suitcases when I move and pack. I got bruises all over my legs again. :(

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back in the City.

(peplum top from urban outfitter, white jeans from zara, necklace from b+ab, booties from millies)

I am HOME!!! I do love Northfield, and my campus, but the joy of coming back home can't be explained by words. Light pollution here is legit but I was actually very happy to stare at the street lights last night. I feel like standing in the middle of the most crowded street, sitting in front of victoria harbor or having a MTR road trip. haa I know I sound a bit crazy.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that I like my hair dryer, blanket ... over there more. I think I was a more careful buyer and made better purchases when I was buying all the dorm room essentials last year. 

It is a mixed feeling to realize that I am only staying here for a week. So what is the first thing that I should do now? go find some street snacks? curry fish balls?