Friday, May 17, 2013

Floral on Silver

(floral shirt from TST, shorts from stradivarius, sparkle top-sider from sperry, earrings from Northfield, bracelet from Taiwan)

My title explains it all.  My summer and spring trend: floral and silver. I realized I always wanted to wear silvery jewelry instead of gold recently. I have also been hunting for lovely print and floral pattern clothes. I found some crazy print!  I am pretty sure that if I were in Hong Kong, I would never buy them. Guess people in Hong Kong are now wearing either all black, or lots of pastel now?!! (I actually don't know) I may receive much stare when I go back home. Hahaaa... Nevermind, I always do.

There is definitely a difference between my style in Hong Kong and here in the United States. I packed my favorite coat and sweater here, but I seldom wear it. At the same time, I doubt if I would wear the clothes that I am always wearing here in Hong Kong. I don't know why... I guess outfits really match with my day. My mood is different, so as my style.

So sometimes in here, I would ask myself to match an outfit that I would wear in Hong Kong. Today's outfit is probably something that I would wear in Hong Kong. In between boyish and girlish, sweet and cool, natural and stylish... erh?! so what is it?

Anyways, I love my outfit today. Thanks for the complements about my outfit today. 

(p.s. taking pictures with music on is a good and bad idea... i just wanna dance and move... and ended up with a lot up crazy looking pictures)