Saturday, March 16, 2013

Winter Recap

Again, I am sitting next to the gate for on board at the airport. I just looked at my fall term recap blogpost. I still like those pictures a lot. In comparison, winter terms' photos lack color variety. So plain, so white, so bright.

It is difficult to capture the snowy days, and I did not want to take pictures when it was a gloomy day... That's why most of my winter term pictures have blue sky and fallen snow on the ground.

I am very ready for spring. 

1. Back to campus. Snow was still clean and white.

2. The first term was for settling in; the second term was to fancy it up! My room has decoration finally!

3. In the beginning of the term, we still had time to walk around and play with the new fallen snow.

4. My first time to see a frozen lake. 

5. Friday flower enlightened my beginning of winter term!

6. People looked still. So white, so slow. 

7. After the rain, we had frozen droplets and ice-wrapped branches.

8. Winter craft.  Moisture condenses on windows in Hong Kong; Water frozen on windows here.

9. Winter craft II. My first ice-sculpture.

10. Ice-sculptures and Willis.

11. Trees look different with the snowy branches. They looked heavy and old...

 12. Cold winter scenery. I actually ate one (not from this roof). It tasted good. Well, that was basically water.

13. After the snowstorm, snow piled up taller than me. I don't like rainstorm but snowstorm was actually quite fun.

14. Benches are not for you to sit in the winter.

15. So true.

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