Sunday, March 31, 2013


(top from kookai, jeans from abercrombie & fitch, scarf from nordstrom, necklace from Francesca, boots from nine west)

Classes start tomorrow. I am so excited! :D Obviously, the wind was strong and the cloud moved fast today. In some photos, it was way too dark; in other photos, it was too bright and had blue sky!

Thanks to people browsing my blog this week. I still remember before I came here, I looked at the college description. It said people here dressed really casual and didn't really care about matching. This is totally different from my practice. I doubted if this college really fit me. (..nah.. that serious?) It is true that a lot of people here are really casual but I am very glad that a lot of people like to read my blog. There is no pressure to dress up and follow trend here. I feel good to dress what I want. They may not be on trend, but who cares? They match my day.

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