Thursday, March 28, 2013

Silvery Leisure

(silvery top from enigma, shirt from tommy hilfiger, jeans from izzue, decks from sperry)

Gold is more like a winter color, so I pick silver for spring and summer! I like the texture of my top a lot. I seldom take pictures during the term (people may disagree, because my pictures are all over their Facebook walls...) I took a lot of pictures with my phone but seldom took pictures with my camera in the term. When I took my camera out for some special events, I felt that my camera didn't focus as well. Hm.. my beloved camera thought I had forgotten him. 

I really like my campus. In this spring break, I am hunting different good (and quiet) spots for blogging. This bridge is pretty, right? Especially when I am now living at another side of the campus, I take this opportunity to explore this side of the campus. 

I am not sure if I will blog outdoor during the term... maybe super early in the morning?! when everyone is sleeping? hahaa

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