Friday, March 29, 2013


(shirt from kookai, cardigan & trousers from urban outfitter, shoes from steve maden, necklace from francessca, earrings from charlotte russe)

I hesitated when I bought this shirt. The red diamonds and the thin smooth texture look quite formal. Although I wear shirts a lot, I am not wearing them for office work. In the end, I still bought the shirt. I actually wore this shirt a lot in this winter. I like this shirt more and more. (I am glad that I bought it) On certain days, you just feel that you should wear something in red. However, I realize it is not easy to wear a thin shirt. It is easy to look like you have "meat" and not tucked the shirt properly... In short, it is easy to make you look fat. .. oops.

It was cold when I took these pictures this morning, but it was really warm in the afternoon and I changed to tank top and shorts... What a difference! I was so excited and jumped around for a while. When it was winter, we always hope for the coming of spring and wear thin spring-like clothes on the inappropriate cold days; when now the weather is warming up, I all of a sudden feel that I should pick up the last chance and want to wear many different winter clothes. argh.. conflict.

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