Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York City: DAY 2

1. Yellow cab, new york style.

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Pretty building with pretty exhibits. 

3. My first time to have such a close look at mummy and coffins. We spent hours in that exhibition... mummy crush.

4. Spacious. I love it.

5. Artist in the Met.

6. Last supper

7. New york style - apartment

8. Street view. We walked A LOT. 

9. Tea shop with Alice in the Wonderland as theme.

10. The line was long enough that when we ate, it was already afternoon tea time.

11. Food tour continued... 

12. Lady M cake, yumm...

13. Central Park. Trees without leaves.. A whole new experience in park.

14. Time Square at night, always bright and crowded.

15. K-town, Korean food dinner!

16. From Empire State Observatory, good night New York.

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