Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York City: DAY 1

It is now spring break, and I went to New York city for a week. I like NYC a lot. NYC is similar to Hong Kong in many ways which made me feel like home. Although I did not go home this break, I felt that I was close to home. Our goal in this trip was to wisely play hard, eat good food that is not offered by dining hall. I plan to share with you all some travel highlights in this blog. 

1. First thing to do: buy 7-day unlimited travel pass.

2. Took M60 to a subway station. Yea.. college student.. it is better to take bus than to ride a cab.

3. I admit that I relied very much on the sound signals to cross the road when I was in Hong Kong. I always forgot to cross when I saw the still, and silent "walking" white man.

4. Metro station

5. We heard that New York had good bagels.

6. Tasted good!

7. First dinner: Thai food! I do miss thai food. hmm but is this real thai food?! haha

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