Thursday, March 14, 2013

First Winter

(cardigan from Kookai, polka dot top from stradivarius, skirt from american apparel, tights from hue, socks from smartwool, leather converse) 

OH yeah~ I completed my final exams for this term today! (I still have one final paper though...) Anyway, I am blogging to celebrate this day! I also cooked to celebrate... Well, I am not officially done but I am doing all kinds of things to "celebrate". I survived from my first real winter! Sadly, I heard that spring is not even close. Anyway, when I come back, it will be "spring" term. 

Just as I purchased a number keypad for my Chinese blog, I bought a tripod for this fashion blog. I am determined to blog. I am also experimenting with lights. I like the lighting of this set of photos better. I was a bit dressy last time, so here I am, with a college girl look.

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