Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Break with Bricks.

(checked shirt from pull & bear, denim jacket from kookai, blue top from uniqlo, lace skirt from charlotte russe, tights from hue, shoes from steve maden, necklace from forever 21)

I know you all like my fashion blogposts more than my travel ones. This has been my first time since I came here to take outfit pictures outdoor! (It took me a while to find a quiet spot!) Minnesota is finally warming up. People are busy with shoveling the ice and kids have already started playing ball games on the road. Yet when you check the weather forecast, the temperature is still below 0 degree celsius... It is difficult to predict the weather. I did not know how the weather would be in 2 weeks, and I, therefore, did not pack the most suitable clothes for this current weather. I wish I had packed more fall time jackets for the break. I am glad that I packed my denim jacket at the last minute, so.. at least I now have one jacket.With limited clothes, I have to layer up and wear some of my clothes over and over again in different ways. That's the art of matching, right?

... p.s. I put on my downcoat after the photo shoot. This is not warm enough for 0℃. 

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