Sunday, March 31, 2013


(top from kookai, jeans from abercrombie & fitch, scarf from nordstrom, necklace from Francesca, boots from nine west)

Classes start tomorrow. I am so excited! :D Obviously, the wind was strong and the cloud moved fast today. In some photos, it was way too dark; in other photos, it was too bright and had blue sky!

Thanks to people browsing my blog this week. I still remember before I came here, I looked at the college description. It said people here dressed really casual and didn't really care about matching. This is totally different from my practice. I doubted if this college really fit me. (..nah.. that serious?) It is true that a lot of people here are really casual but I am very glad that a lot of people like to read my blog. There is no pressure to dress up and follow trend here. I feel good to dress what I want. They may not be on trend, but who cares? They match my day.

Sunshine after Rain?

( shirt dress from pull & bear, denim jacket from kookai, tights from urban outfitter, rain boots from hunter)

Tragedy just happened an hour ago. I hope it would be like today's weather, sunshine comes after the rain. Tough girl won't cry.

I have been looking for glittery tights since the beginning of Fall term. Finally, I found my ideal one in the second half of winter term. I like that it looks really glittery from one direction and just like an ordinary brown tights from another direction.  

It took me so long to unpack this time. I tried to rearrange my stuffs at the same time. Now, snow boots and down coats are packed; spring clothes are up!

Friday, March 29, 2013


(shirt from kookai, cardigan & trousers from urban outfitter, shoes from steve maden, necklace from francessca, earrings from charlotte russe)

I hesitated when I bought this shirt. The red diamonds and the thin smooth texture look quite formal. Although I wear shirts a lot, I am not wearing them for office work. In the end, I still bought the shirt. I actually wore this shirt a lot in this winter. I like this shirt more and more. (I am glad that I bought it) On certain days, you just feel that you should wear something in red. However, I realize it is not easy to wear a thin shirt. It is easy to look like you have "meat" and not tucked the shirt properly... In short, it is easy to make you look fat. .. oops.

It was cold when I took these pictures this morning, but it was really warm in the afternoon and I changed to tank top and shorts... What a difference! I was so excited and jumped around for a while. When it was winter, we always hope for the coming of spring and wear thin spring-like clothes on the inappropriate cold days; when now the weather is warming up, I all of a sudden feel that I should pick up the last chance and want to wear many different winter clothes. argh.. conflict.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Silvery Leisure

(silvery top from enigma, shirt from tommy hilfiger, jeans from izzue, decks from sperry)

Gold is more like a winter color, so I pick silver for spring and summer! I like the texture of my top a lot. I seldom take pictures during the term (people may disagree, because my pictures are all over their Facebook walls...) I took a lot of pictures with my phone but seldom took pictures with my camera in the term. When I took my camera out for some special events, I felt that my camera didn't focus as well. Hm.. my beloved camera thought I had forgotten him. 

I really like my campus. In this spring break, I am hunting different good (and quiet) spots for blogging. This bridge is pretty, right? Especially when I am now living at another side of the campus, I take this opportunity to explore this side of the campus. 

I am not sure if I will blog outdoor during the term... maybe super early in the morning?! when everyone is sleeping? hahaa

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In the Woods

(shirt from Forever 21, sweater from urban outfitter, trousers from uniqlo, shoes from steve maden, necklace from Francesca)

Gold is one of my favorite colors in the winter. I know gold is not a typical color in people's closet. Other than grey, I have bought more accessories and clothes in gold. Gold enlightens my day. 

At first, I worried that I had nothing to do in spring break and would be bored. Today, I realize that it is already Wednesday. I still have a lot of things that I want to do. I never have a problem to fill in my time.. haha.. A busy person, you all describe me that, right?  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Break with Bricks.

(checked shirt from pull & bear, denim jacket from kookai, blue top from uniqlo, lace skirt from charlotte russe, tights from hue, shoes from steve maden, necklace from forever 21)

I know you all like my fashion blogposts more than my travel ones. This has been my first time since I came here to take outfit pictures outdoor! (It took me a while to find a quiet spot!) Minnesota is finally warming up. People are busy with shoveling the ice and kids have already started playing ball games on the road. Yet when you check the weather forecast, the temperature is still below 0 degree celsius... It is difficult to predict the weather. I did not know how the weather would be in 2 weeks, and I, therefore, did not pack the most suitable clothes for this current weather. I wish I had packed more fall time jackets for the break. I am glad that I packed my denim jacket at the last minute, so.. at least I now have one jacket.With limited clothes, I have to layer up and wear some of my clothes over and over again in different ways. That's the art of matching, right?

... p.s. I put on my downcoat after the photo shoot. This is not warm enough for 0℃. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York City: DAY 3

1. More arts museums: MoMA!

2. Still life by cezanne. I love this a lot.

3. Words are as powerful as the real shot? Conceptual Art.

4. MoMA cafe

5. M&M world 

6. Old broadway costumes

7. Break dance at subway station

8. Totto Ramen

10. Highly recommend : spicy soup ramen with char siu pork!

New York City: DAY 2

1. Yellow cab, new york style.

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Pretty building with pretty exhibits. 

3. My first time to have such a close look at mummy and coffins. We spent hours in that exhibition... mummy crush.

4. Spacious. I love it.

5. Artist in the Met.

6. Last supper

7. New york style - apartment

8. Street view. We walked A LOT. 

9. Tea shop with Alice in the Wonderland as theme.

10. The line was long enough that when we ate, it was already afternoon tea time.

11. Food tour continued... 

12. Lady M cake, yumm...

13. Central Park. Trees without leaves.. A whole new experience in park.

14. Time Square at night, always bright and crowded.

15. K-town, Korean food dinner!

16. From Empire State Observatory, good night New York.