Friday, January 25, 2013

Mid Winter updates

leather jacket from levi's, top from b+ab, skirt from urban outfitter, tights from hue, socks from smart wool, leather converse, necklace from b+ab

Obviously, I took these pictures in Hong Kong. This was one of my favorite outfits during the break. I did find my ideal leather jacket at last and this was my one and only one Christmas present of the year. Quality outweighs quantity. I really love this present.

So... winter term has been fun. The campus is so energized because we all stand together to combat the cold. The cold at Minnesota is as promised... but the snow.. erhh...... I am still waiting for it. There was so much snow in the beginning of the term but it melted on a rainy day. BAD. 

My down coat became my close friend.. There is no way to wear a leather jacket only and walk around here now. Cold/ Warm is really a comparative idea. When I first came here, ~ 0℃ was cold for me. After a week of ~ - 30℃. I shouted with joy "Oh my goshhh... it is sooooo WARM!" when it was ~ -18℃ .. huh Cold/Warm... this idea changed a lot within 2 weeks.

Unless I find a way to take blogging photos, this should be my last fashion blog post in this first half of the year.