Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunshine and Leisure

denim jacket from kookai, zip-up jacket from urban outfitter,top from izzue, skirt from tout a coup, bag from taiwan, leather converse

I now like to pair the zip-up jacket with denim jacket, cardigan or blazers. It is thin but warm. Denim jacket is a bit light for this weather but with an extra layer of that jacket, they offer the perfect warmness. 

Anyone realizes something different in these photos from the normal ones? I took them with my cell phone, haha... I brought my camera but forgot my SD card... Luckily, my phone worked fine.

I looked tired. I am now too engaged in reading novels... I have not slept enough for the past days. I am reading the last book of a series slowly and think I should take a break after that. Reading is intense.

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